School Programs

STEM Environment

Arab International Academy adopts the STEM approach (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) in science and mathematics education so that students integrate and apply the knowledge in the areas of science and mathematics to find technological solutions to real problems using an engineering design method. This approach is consistent with the belief that the student should be the center of the learning/teaching process and that learning happens best when the student is engaged in the implementation of meaningful activities. Through the use of STEM, students do projects and practical activities, which helps them to develop inquiry skills and to link scientific knowledge to everyday life and the practical reality. Students will also be introduced to the engineering methods of using scientific knowledge to develop technological solutions. The use of this approach in education is not only limited to learning science, technology, engineering and mathematics, but is expanding to use the arts. Arts have a significant impact on the development of the imagination of students and their ability to be creative and think in unconventional ways.  These skills are essential in real life situations.

At the KG level, we strive to introduce our students to the basic elements of STEM and to teach them to be good “global citizens.” We teach them – and their parents- how to be safe on the internet and the rules of healthy internet use.  

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