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Earth Day


Earth Day on April 22 at AIA was full of inventions. MYP students were set for a challenge to research an environmental topic and create a prototype of a solution that would help solve a current environmental issue. Students’ motivation and engagement was expressed all day through lively activities, discoveries and engineering. The day was interrupted by a hunt for recycled material that helped them develop their creative prototypes. Among the creations were biomass and hydropowered motors to generate electricity for homes, oil pumps to help clean oil spills from oceans, filtering machines to clean plastic debris from oceans and a variety of tools for daily use made out of recycled items. 
To end the day with a relaxing concentration exercise, Mr. Ali lead the students through a 45 minutes workout sessions using focusing techniques via Yoga, Tai Chi and a fusion of martial arts to clear the mind and remind the students that maintaining Earth sustainability starts by change from within.

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