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Dear Middle School parents,

We welcome you and our students here at Arab International Academy. Our students have been settling in just fine and we have been getting to know them better, so we can support and help them unlock their potential for progress and success. We believe that learning is never ending. In fact, it is lifelong for all of us.

Homeroom teachers

This year we have introduced homeroom teachers who are there to support students with advisory, approaches to learning (ATL), academics as well as personal, social and emotional support. Therefore, any messages concerning your son/daughter need to be communicated to the homeroom teachers. Homeroom time every morning is essential. This time is used to develop our students, which is consistent with the IB Middle Years Programme.
Grade 6: Mr. Khaled and Mr. Mahmoud Sukar ([email protected] or [email protected])
Grade 7: Mr. Ahmed and Ms. Marwa ([email protected] or [email protected])
Grade 8: Ms. Malin and Mr. Abdullah ([email protected] or [email protected])
Grade 9: Ms. Nazha and Mr. Ali ([email protected] or [email protected])

School Counselor

Our wonderful Counselor Ms. Mays Ghaith, is also here to provide support and guidance for our students throughout the Middle Years Programme along with the Homeroom teachers. This includes pastoral, social, emotional and academic support. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or if you would like to share information about your son/daughter that may help us with providing assistance and guidance. [email protected]

Student expectations

We would like to remind you that 6.40am is the allowed drop off time for students, as this is the time we have teachers supervising them. We expect students to attend school on time and ensure they are in their homerooms promptly by 7:10am.
It has come to our attention that some parents want to take their children early from school. This is not acceptable, as students finish from their last classes at 2:35pm, except for Tuesdays, they finish at 1:00pm. It is important that we all adhere to the agreed start and finish school times. Please make sure students attend and depart from school at the agreed start and finish times. If students need to leave early for a medical appointment or personal matters, it is important that the school is informed as early as possible to minimize disruptions to learning. Informing us before 12:00pm on the day is ideal.
Please also help our students understand the Arab International Academy Behavior Contract, as well as the Middle School Behavior for learning policy. Students have already been introduced to the Reflective Behavior Tree, which is linked to the Middle School Behavior for learning policy.

Please contact your son/daughter’s homeroom teachers by email if you have any questions or concerns. We wish you a pleasant year of joy, learning and success!

Best wishes,

Mr. Ali Hassan
MYP/DP Coordinator
[email protected]

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