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Dear Parents,

Believing in the importance of communicating with parents about their role in the development of the school community, we will keep you up to date with the Academy through a semimonthly newsletter, and in these newsletters we will refer to items related to our academic policies.


Elementary School News

1. Placement test: Students have completed placement tests in the main subjects, which have helped to determine the level of the students and thus develop appropriate work plans for them.


2- An open meeting with the parents: the meeting took place on Wednesday and Thursday, 20 and 21 September, with the aim to help parents to familiarize themselves with the educational school program. The parents also met with the administrators and the teachers. They also met their children's teachers and inquired about the curriculum and educational policies applied in the school.


3. Code of Conduct: one of the objectives for this year is to focus on the application of the Academy's code of conduct, with the aim to secure and ensure a safe and healthy environment for all students. It is important for us to remind parents of the importance of encouraging students to respect and adhere to school rules and policies in order to avoid problems that may hinder the process of education and learning. In this context, we remind you of the steps taken by the school to reduce and limit negative behavior, as follows:

- Two verbal warnings documented by a teacher.

 - A documented verbal warning to a student by the administrative team.

  - A written warning to the student by the administration to be kept in their record after being sent to the parents to be signed.

 - Communicating with the parents and asking them to come to school and then pledging to provide support for the student's behavior modification, and getting a written pledge from the student and the student's parents.

- Suspension for three days.

In the event of a serious violation or repeated negative behavior, suggestions shall be made to the superintendent and the Chairman of the Governing Council for consultation. These recommendations may result in suspension for three days without following the usual procedures, during which a meeting would take place to determine future actions or permanent expulsion after coordination with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education of Qatar.


4. Guidance: The school counselor has increased the time she spends observing students during breaks and meal times in order to know the students' behavior outside the classroom. Classroom counseling classes have been initiated by doing half-hour activities for each class to guide students towards positive behavior.


Forthcoming activities

1. An open meeting with the school principal: in order to discuss matters related to the school and students, and to answer parents' questions about policies, curriculum, assessment and other matters. The Elementary School Principal invites the parents to an open meeting according to the following schedule:

We will send you a message regarding this matter specifically. With the hope of meeting you all.


2. Parents-teachers meeting in order to inquire about the results and the level of your children, their strengths and areas of development, we will invite you to meet with the teachers during the third week of October, and we will send you a message in this regard.


3. Lessons in Technology and Design Technology: In order to keep abreast of the latest technical updates, we will offer our students a semimonthly period in technology, as well as a semimonthly period in design, starting from the middle of October.


Dr. Rola Koubeissy

Elementary School Principal

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