The secondary section of the AIA schools opened in the fall of 2016 with outstanding international staff who deliver programs that will benefit your child no matter their learning style. This means your child will be learning in the dynamic setting of inquiry and project-based approaches to teaching and learning. In addition, your child will be benefiting from arts and technology integration into their daily classroom activities. This will ensure that your child will have a high level of engagement in regards to their studies in a friendly environment.

We are also very excited about our language program. Our language of instruction at the secondary school is English, but we are also committed to helping all students to gain or maintain an academic level of Arabic. In addition, we want to provide members of our expat community, the opportunity to learn Arabic as a second language and gain some knowledge about the Middle East in general and Qatar in particular. AIA will do this through the language subjects as well as the arts and music subjects. In addition, all students will have the opportunity to learn French as a third language. 

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