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Sharing the planet



Last Thursday, our students at the Arabic Track performed a play that combined music, drama and visual arts. It was a silent play about nature’s journey. It began with the beauty of life in a forest filled with beautiful trees, colorful flowers and the sounds of birds. The performance then transitioned to a scene of trees cut down after the intervention of the human race. The final scene was how we can help rebuild our planet Earth and help the trees grow again. The children came together at the end and sang a touching song about a tree. This play was a link between the two units of inquiry the students worked on, which were “How the World Works” and “Sharing the Planet”.

At the end of the performance, all the students sent a powerful message to everyone by stating the importance of the preservation of nature. The students were excited to see their parents after the play where they gave them a small plant as a gift and asked them to plant it and take care of it.


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