Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it a mixed school?

R: yes, all classes and activities are for both boys and girls.


Q: Will students study all subjects in Arabic?  

R: Yes. In addition, students will be studying English at an advanced level and French as a third language.


Q:  Will students at the Arabic language track be ready to move to learn in English after Grade 5

R: Yes. The decision made to implement the IB in Arabic is based on many scientific facts. Many linguists emphasize on the importance for the students to master their first language in order to learn other languages and develop their personal skills. Thus, we believe that our students at AIA will master English language skills with proficiency. In addition, all countries using their first language to teach science, math, and social studies contribute to scientific discovery and development. Indeed, many researches have stated that using the first language as language of instruction helps students to acquire in depth scientific skills and knowledge as well as improving their ability to relate this to local and global issues. Having an advanced foundation in English language will make it easy for students to learn in English starting grade 6. 


Q:    What do I need for registration?

R:    Check our registration link during the registration period and the process will be explained to you in detail.


Q:   My question is not here. Where can I go for answers to my questions?

R:   You can contact us at [email protected]

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