Technology Integration

  At AIA, we believe in four basic principles when it comes to the role of technology in your child’s education. First, we believe in the importance of technology in the creation of a dynamic teaching and learning environment. We also believe that digital fluency and citizenship are important keys for the academic and professional success of all students. Furthermore, we believe that all students should have access to the best hardware and a high-speed connection to the internet in order to enable them to fully access and leverage online content and communities.

Finally, we believe that all of our teaching staff must be professionally trained around the strategies of the seamless integration of all aspects of technology in their classrooms so that the learning experience for students is enhanced and expanded.  In short, we want technology to be a tool that expands students and teachers abilities to work collaboratively and produce meaningful products. Our goal at AIA is to achieve these benchmarks for technology in order to create stronger learning communities for students and teachers. To serve these principles, AIA decided to adopt the  programming curriculum; “Hello World Kids” which has been developed to teach basic programming as a mainstream subject to young learners at the Primary level.

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