Small Learning Communities

AIA recognizes that students learn in different ways from different people, at different times and in different places, AIA buildings consist of Small Learning Suites to accommodate Small Learning Communities similar to Fielding Nair International model.  According to this model, small groups of students (80- 150 students) will spend around 60% of the school day in their designated suite under the supervision of a small number of teachers. The suite includes learning studios, small group rooms, multipurpose lab, a common multipurpose space, lockers, staff work areas, resource room, restrooms and a dedicated entrance for students using the suite. The suite will serve for most of the learning modalities such as independent learning, peer tutoring, team learning, one-on-one learning with a teacher, lecture format, project-based learning, internet based research, interdisciplinary learning, learning from nature, social, emotional, spiritual learning and play-based learning.      

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