Music and Art Education

At the Arab International Academy (AIA), we are committed to the development of the creative capabilities of students by providing a comprehensive arts and music program. Participating in the Arts is a way of expanding students’ imagination and contributing to the evolution of their personality in an integrated manner that will improve their ability to learn and adapt to their environments. Furthermore, it is clear that starting art in the early years is a way of strengthening the muscles in the hand and developing a child’s fine motor skills. Activities like creating three-dimensional objects out of clay or paper help students to develop spatial perception and to recognize patterns. Introducing music at an early stage can also help in learning languages as well as developing the ability to recognize sounds and to appreciate the aesthetic aspect. As children age, the arts serve as an excellent venue for the development of social skills, problem solving and group dynamics.  The arts are also an excellent way to discover one’s hidden talents, to discover one’s place in the world and to learn about the diversity and history of all peoples.  AIA offers a wide range of art courses such as performing arts, including drama, music; creative writing courses for literature and poetry as well as visual arts including painting, digital photography, and film production. In addition, all teachers at AIA are encouraged to integrate the arts into their instruction to provide students with an opportunity to develop self-confidence and to find their voice.  

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