Learning Support Services

At AIA, we have put a number of safeguards in place to ensure that all students have the best possible chance for success. First, there is our emphasis on a differentiated approach to teaching that guarantees that we are looking for multiple ways of meeting your child’s needs. Furthermore, we have taken into account your child’s individual linguistic needs and provided English and Arabic as a Second Language instructors to support your child as they make their way through daily assignments and tests. We have also included a highly qualified staff of counselors and psychologists that will support your child’s emotional needs as well as perform testing that could lead to a referral to our Learning Support program.  This program is staffed by an excellent group of people who are dedicated to helping your child be successful and helping their teachers make appropriate accommodations where warranted. Finally, it is our goal to maintain the highest level of communication with parents and to make them active partners in their child’s educational experience at AIA.

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