All children at the KG will learn in both languages, English and Arabic. As they progress, in addition to Arabic and English, they will be learning French as a third language.

In the English track for grades 1-5, the language of instruction is English and students learn Arabic and French as second and third languages. In the Arabic track, the language of instruction is Arabic with English being taught at an advanced level and students also learning French as a third language. 

In grades 6- 10, students learn Mathematics and Sciences in English. History is taught in Arabic or English, according to the students first language.  Students continue to learn English, Arabic and French at different levels. In grades 11 and 12, Arabic and English are offered at different levels whereby all other subjects are taught in English in preparation for the IB Diploma official exams. 

AIA also focuses on creating a strong understanding of the social sciences. Beyond simply understanding the society around them better, this focus enables students to form a strong personal identity that is drawn from a deep and informed perspective of history that embraces their place in society while equally understanding and respecting the society of others.  To that end, AIA has authored a world history curriculum for grades 6 to 10 that will be taught in English and Arabic. 

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