High School

AIA’s high school programme allows students to build a successful future. Currently, AIA’s secondary school caters for grades 6-10, and as each year passes we plan to add one grade level at a time. Our first high school seats will be available in the 2019-2020 academic year.

During the high school years, students have more opportunities to find their own path before moving on to college or university. The students at AIA’s high school in Doha undertake research and projects that involve creativity, knowledge and critical thinking. They can cope with demanding workloads and learn to meet expectations with and without pressure. The curriculum stimulates progressive thinking in nature, this allows them to favour innovation and commitment rather than passivity and indifference. The curriculum teaches to accept and evaluate various perspectives which ultimately transforms the way the students think and judge. Students at AIA’s high school in Doha become more exposed to advanced topics and learn to build a network within their community. The programme draws on strength and potential, allowing the students to uniquely explore their own educational needs and build on them accordingly. It is the students’ best time to self-grow and find their path as their school years end with a bright door open towards a promising future.

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