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AIA welcomed the students on the first day


Today, the teachers at Arab International Academy welcomed the students on the first day of the school year with joy and enthusiasm. Many fun and engaging activities took place in preparation for the exciting school year ahead. In kindergarten, the teachers welcomed the children by organizing many games for them and providing them with a stimulating and encouraging environment for research and exploration. The teachers also informed the parents about the kindergarten program and about their vision and mission in education. In the elementary school, both Arabic and English Tracks, teachers welcomed students and parents in the main hall of the school. They then accompanied them to their classes where they introduced themselves and explained their vision and mission in education to the parents who attended. During the first morning break, the teachers arranged entertaining activities in order for the students to feel at ease. They then toured the school to learn about its various facilities. After the break, the students conducted group activities in the school hall to enhance the feeling of belonging to a single school community. In the middle school, the students gathered at the beginning of the day in the theater and the teachers introduced themselves and the subjects they teach. Then, the students met in their class with their homeroom teacher who welcomed them and explained the school policies and rules, briefed them on their weekly schedules and introduced them to the school facilities.

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