Life in Doha

Lonely Planet says about Doha “It’s rare to see a great city in the making these days. While it would be misleading to represent Doha as a latter-day New York (much of the new development has been given a heart but hasn’t yet acquired a soul), Doha is nonetheless well on its way to realizing the grand vision of its founding fathers.” For people who already live here, this quote resonates in a meaningful way. Doha is a city of potential. We are in mid-sentence; the story is still being written. Doha has a vibrant and, more importantly, growing cultural scene with its own symphony, theaters, cinemas, and museums. It is also the future home of the World Cup in 2022 and many other important sporting events. If you come from a cold climate, you will especially love Doha where, other than the four months in the summer that are characterized by high heat and humidity, the weather is absolutely wonderful with warm temperatures, low humidity and nice breezes coming in off the Arabian Gulf. Qatar is a modern, Muslim country and with just a bit of common sense with regard to dress, you will feel right at home here in no time at all.  Doha is yours to discover. 

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