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Application FAQ

Q. What curriculum does AIA follow?

A. AIA is an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School for the Diploma Programme (DP) and Middle Years Programme (MYP) and Primary Years Programme (PYP).

Q. What is the language of instruction?

A. Children at the KG learn in both languages, English and Arabic.

In the English track for grades 1-5, the language of instruction is English and students learn Arabic and French as second and third languages. In the Arabic track, the language of instruction is Arabic with English being taught at an advanced level and students also learning French as a third language. 

In grades 6- 10, students learn Mathematics and Sciences in English.


Q. What kind of facilities does AIA have?

A. AIA is home to a modern educational facility that provides science labs, sports fields, libraries, dedicated music and art room and dining spaces.


Q. Does AIA offer extra-curricular activities?

A. AIA offers a wide range of activities and programs to complement the school curriculum and further all aspects of a student’s development.


Q. How does one apply to AIA?

A. Please apply online from our website and make sure to upload all documents


Q. How long does an application stay active?

A. Applications submitted are valid for one academic year. If your application is not successful by the end of one academic year, please submit a new application to be considered for the next academic year.


Q. What is the age range of students who can register at AIA?

A. The students’ ages range from 3 to 16 years starting from Preschool to grade 11.


Q. What is the minimum age requirement to enroll into the Preschool ?

A. A child must be 3 years old by the 31 December 2019 in order to start the Preschool  and be completely potty-trained.


Q. Are entrance assessments required?

A. Yes, AIA is a selective entry school with a focus on academic excellence. Students applying for places in the KG program will be invited for an interview with their parents. Students applying for grades 1 to 11 will be invited to undertake an entrance assessment that is appropriate for their age-group.


Q. How can my child prepare for the entrance assessments?

A. Our entrance assessments are a measure of the cognitive ability of your child, no preparation is needed.


Q. Do you accept children with special education needs?

A. It depends on the vacancies, the level of support required and if we can fully accommodate the needs of the child.


Q. Can I enroll my child during the school year?

A. Yes, depending on the availability of spaces and the Ministry of Education and Higher Edcucation rules and regulations.


Q. What is the class size at AIA?

A. Classes will accommodate a maximum of 25 students.


Q. Where is AIA located?

A. AIA is located in Al-Sadd area, close to the Sports Signal.


Q. Does AIA offer a school bus service?

A. Yes, AIA has outsourced school transportation to a company that operates a bus fleet using exceptional safety standards and strictly following the regulations specified by the Road Transport Authority.


Q. Does AIA have a uniform?

A. Yes, parents can buy the uniform from the uniform shop located at AIA.


Q. Does AIA have a cafeteria?

A. Yes, AIA has signed a contract with a reputable catering company choosing a healthy daily menu.


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