AIA: The Best School in Doha, Qatar!

As AIA currently hosts students from pre-school to grade 10, students of all ages benefit from a supportive community that allows them to be collaborative and open to new perspectives. We aim to teach every child the importance of collectivity yet stress the idea of individual growth. At AIA, the staff and, notably, the teachers passionately work to make sure every student feels welcomed upon their arrival and throughout their entire educational journey. Similarly, we try our best to assist the parents in integrating their child into our community. We focus on building a culture that respects values, inclusion and diversity in order to create a warm community for everyone at AIA.
Part of our goal of providing each child with a well-rounded education is our commitment to a full complement of social, educational, cultural, and sports activities. All students at AIA can take part in a dynamic range of extracurricular activities in our state-of-the-art facilities during which they get the chance to learn team work, discipline and acquire new skills as they spend more time with their peers during extracurricular hours.
We run a series of events that allow students, parents and staff to become involved in the warm community of AIA. Our aim is to provide children with a list of opportunities that will allow them to develop current skills and interests while providing multiple opportunities to explore new ones.
AIA regularly hosts campus-wide events and programmes for the whole community to attend. Make sure to stop by and experience the warmth of the community at the best school in Doha, Qatar!
Keep an eye on this page to see the ever-growing list of exciting opportunities.

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