Following the tenets of the PYP program and in keeping with our goal of creating a project-based exploratory teaching and learning environment, AIA has adopted two high quality, complementary programs that will meet the needs of all children: the Reggio Emilia and the High Scope approaches to Early Education. The Reggio Emilia program focuses on the educational importance of community and free inquiry as its primary values. It turns the classroom into an area of discovery and experience where children have an opportunity to become self-sufficient, self-guided learners and where teachers are there to guide and encourage the learning process. The High Scope program is also exploratory and project-based in nature and will provide our teachers with extra materials and support as they strive to create a dynamic, respectful learning environment.  These two high quality approaches have proven themselves over time and we are excited to be offering this tandem program at AIA.  In addition to this, children will learn the transdisciplinary units in both English and Arabic languages, thereby setting the stage for their later years where they will be able to continue developing their skills in these two languages and to learn a third language. 

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