AIA: Your Gateway to a Top, Modern School in Doha

AIA’s English and Arabic school in Doha is home to a modern educational facility with a full complement of labs, gyms, sports fields, libraries, dedicated music and art rooms, and dining spaces. We recognize that students spend valuable time at school, which is why we focus on maintaining a safe, secure and accessible environment to all our students.
As we seek to empower students through small learning communities and project-based learning, the modern school of AIA is designed to cater for every interest. Studies show that curiosity motivates active learning as students develop a desire to accumulate information, hence our entire Arabic and English school in Doha is equipped with resources that establish engaging learning spaces. Our classrooms are fit with technologies that allow teachers to harness curiosity within the classroom. In parallel, a staff of Information Technology Specialists work directly with students and teachers to provide support and guidance when needed.
At AIA, a Reggio-Emilia inspired modern school, students can explore classrooms along with outdoor play spaces that accommodate a healthy and motivating learning environment. Facilities are the cornerstone of AIA’s English and Arabic school in Doha; they allow children to follow their passions and pursuits using an impressive range of equipment that best facilitate learning. 
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