Message from the Superintendent

Welcome to Arab International Academy!

It is our pleasure to welcome you at Arab International Academy that started in the school year 2016-2017. AIA has the following sections:
A coed Elementary school that includes Pre-Kindergarten (3 years old) up to grade 5. Children in the KG learn in both languages equally, English and Arabic. In grades one to five, we have two tracks, one with English as the language of instruction and students learn at this track Arabic at different levels and French as a third language. At the second track, the language of instruction is Arabic and students learn English as an advanced second language and French as a third language. 
A coed Secondary school for grades 6 to 12. The language of instruction in this section is English and students will learn Arabic and French at different level. History is taught in Arabic or English according to the students first language.

The initiative to establish the AIA schools emerged from the desire to contribute to the Qatar 2030 Vision, which aims to build an educational system in Qatar that promotes analytical and critical thinking and builds capacity to create and innovate. Arab International Academy has incorporated within its learning program and environment elements that will make it unique. These include a well-developed academic program, two regular teachers per classroom, grades K-5, excellent facilities, as well as co-curricular activities and programs designed to promote learning in various languages. Complementary to the program and facilities, and based on the recognition that the core of a strong educational program are the educators themselves, the Arab International Academy schools provides an environment that values the role of the educator, and enables them to continue developing their capacities through ongoing training programs.

As believers in the concept that learning is dependent on the partnership between parents and educators and the continuation of learning between school and home, we have designed and incorporated, within the school system, mechanisms that can facilitate the collaboration and cooperation between parents, educators, and our administration. These mechanisms are also designed to integrate other contributors such as official agencies, community groups and the community at large who have a direct or indirect impact on the educational and social environment in which students develop.

Mahmoud Amra

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